ACA Network

ACA Network

ACA Network uses blockchain technology to build a highly transparent advertising network system

Realize a new approach to digital ad purchasing with complete transparency of information which has been obscured by agencies who controlled things in the past. This will signify the end of the era of the exploitation of intermediary margins by digital advertising agencies.

  • Maximize advertising revenue
  • Optimize advertising campaigns
  • Gain data transparency

The Online Advertising Market

The market size of worldwide online advertising is $281,407 million. Growing up about 20% every year, the market size is expected to continue expanding in the future. It is a promising and huge market.

The Shady World of Online Advertising Agencies

The online advertising market is very large. However, the business dealings of the field are conducted in a murky landscape. As a result, businesses that rely on advertising, as well as media that carry advertising, have been subject to exploitative pricing from advertising agencies.

The Serious Problem of AdFraud

Ad fraud uses bots and other methods to make it seem as if an advertisement has been made public which actually has not and causes advertisers to waste money on fake advertising. Losses incurred by advertisers due to ad fraud are predicted to reach 19 billion USD in 2018. This ad fraud problem has been caused by the extreme opacity of the online advertising industry.

What We Want to Achieve with ACA Network

Using blockchain technology, ACA Network will bring innovation to the black box that is the online advertising industry. The ACA Network advertising platform is composed of three elements: the ACA-AMS advertising control system, the ACA-EX automatic matching exchange, and the ACA-NET advertising network and SDK. With this blockchain-utilising platform, we will shine a light on previously obscure knowledge, disrupting the existing online advertising industry.